Saturday, 3 November 2012

Amazing Shiny Box of Goodies!

I have an AMAZING friend in South Africa who sent me a big box stuffed to the brim with yarn and goodies for both myself AND Dralion!

Ermagherd, I'm feeling so incredibly spoiled right now.

SO MUCH YARN! SO MANY PRETTY COLOURS! *Dies* There are little sample-sized nailpolishes perfect for experimenting with, a book showing how damn pretty South Africa is, some goodies she knitted herself, amazing hand cream to keep my paws from becoming cracked and nasty and a delicious Pashmina in Otago colours. *Squeals and dies again*

See how pretty South Africa is?? SEE?!??

I could stare at those colours for hours, and those cliffs are the perfect inspiration for some scenery in this year's NaNoWriMo effort.

Dralion got a special pressie all wrapped up with a little card and everything! Spoiled kitty is spoiled.

We had lots of fun trying to get it open! Cats don't seem to understand tug-of-war very well. It must be undignified or something. Seriously though, who needs dignity when you have MOUSIES?

Trying to find more mousies.


Much sniffing and investigation of the box was carried out. (Yes that is a basket of cat toys in the background. Yes they're all hers)

Including objects for the purpose of cat-distraction is a genius idea. An idea I'll definitely be stealing. Jeanne is a GENIUS.

I could always shut Dralion out of the lounge when I'm trying to wind yarn, but since when have I ever done things the easy way?


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  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying your goodies. I hope Madame is keeping her paws to herself and not trying to steal any of your yarn! Naughty!

    That's Shark Rock Pier at Hobie beach at the top, if I'm not mistaken. A lovely swim spot and a great place to take pics of Summerstrand and the Boardwalk! Not a bad place for a snog, either! Haha!

    Hope you are well, my friend. Much love! :) ♥♥♥