Tuesday, 13 November 2012

In This Hat I'm Not Afraid of Anything.

I am deeply indebted to the dedicated Browncoat Keiyla for her amazing pattern for a Cunning Hat.

The Message was my favourite episode, and I was very excited to be able to make myself a hat just like the one Jayne's Mum sent him at the start of the episode.

This hat RIGHT HERE:

Of course, mine has significantly less straw stuck to it:

From the thickness of the yarn required and the ratio of colours between the hat and the pompom I suspect Ma Cobb spun the yarn herself or bought it from a neighbour.

It's blasted hard to find thick enough yarn for this pattern, so I double-stranded some of Ashford's Tekapo 8ply and the test swatch came out just right. I used shades '052' for the orange, '065' for the yellow and '008' for the red.

Pretty darn cunning, don't you think?

Have a wonderful crafternoon!


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