Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Starshine Cowl

I have a friend in the UK whom I would totally adopt as a sister is I could.

Since I can't, I like to randomly send her things.

Autumn and winter are not her favourite seasons, so I wanted to make something to bring some colour into the greyness and make this year a little brighter for her.

I took the first two skeins I made on a spinning wheel, and came up with a cowl pattern which would hopefully be bright AND warm.

These are the yarns I used. I'm still such a n00b when it comes to spinning so they're not the most even bits of string in the world but they definitely meet the requirements of bright and colourful.

Grabbing a big circular needle, I cast on and began to do a large moss-stitch pattern. This provided a bit of visual interest and shows off the colours in the yarn without driving me insane from boredom the way a plain garter or stocking stitch cowl would have done ^.^;

I did one repeat of the green/yellow yarn on the outside of two repeats of the purple/blue one, and this is what it came out like:

Hopefully it does the trick in staving off the Winter Greys for a wee while.

Keep calm and cast on!



  1. That is GORGEOUS!!! I love those colours so much! Well done indeed! :) ♥♥♥

  2. So I love you, didn't you know, and I love what you made me too :-)
    I found this via NaNoWriMo :-) And added you as a buddy xx