Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Where's My Room?

Another instalment of last year's Christmas crafty-gifts for people.

I missed both my nieces' birthdays last year, so they got two gifts each when I saw then on Christmas day for the family foodathon.

To prevent fights I try to get them each something similar-but-different for Christmas an something completely different for birthdays.

Christmas 2012's offering was a painted nameplate to hang on the door to their room or put up over their beds if they felt so inclined.

I have no idea what they're into at the moment and personally dislike stereotypical pink-and-girly stuff so I inflicted some horrible attempts at nature scenes on them ^.^;

When they're older they'll get my not-child-friendly and slightly creepy faeries. Until then: Something less likely to cause nightmares.

Mountains and trees for Hope, seaside and sunshine for Lockee.

I used bog-standard stationary store acrylics on some pre-made wooden cutouts. The colours came up nicely and the wood was very smooth and easy to paint.

Since I'm not the greatest painter in the world I hope they liked them anyway. It's the thought that counts, right?

Happy crafting!