Monday, 19 September 2011

Snug As A Bug.

Pretty much described my niece this winter past.

I was totally stumped for a birthday present for her last year. At that point, Hope was in a ZhuZhu-pet phase, and other family members had called dibs on all the easy gift choices *Sigh*

So cue a trip to the yarn section of the Warehouse with her, to pick colours for her very own car-trip blanket.

There was a layer of cunning to that plan. Taking her there pretty much assured that she wouldn't pick one of the many pretty, short-lived and difficult to wash wool blends sold at the yarn shop I frequent. Delicate, expensive yarns and small, active children are not a good mix! I wanted her to pick something she liked, that would survive some fairly rough play and that her Mum could throw in the washing machine with impunity.

Armed with her choices, I sat down to churn out the appropriate number of peggy squares in time for her not-so-surprise present ;)

Voila, the finished blanket!

Not exactly what you'd expect from a kindy-aged girl, is it? I'll definitely get her input on colour choice before making any jerseys for her in future!

Here is a close-up of the seaming. I decided to sew the squares together with the khaki, since it didn't stand out as much as any of the brighter or darker colours would have done.

With any luck it will survive a decent few years of love and abuse. If not, I can always go a second round of blanket making!

Best of luck with your current projects!


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  1. Hooray, the blanky is finished!

    Well done, Topaz, it looks super! I love the colours.