Thursday, 22 September 2011

Codename: Swine Flu

Meet Swine Flu.

This little piggy is the first of a litter of four, all being made on a bespoke basis for Work and University friends.

The photo really doesn't do him justice. The yarn is an acrylic in a particularly virulent shade of salmon pink I picked up at a local Op-Shop who do lovely cheap bags of random yarns. It is a lovely colour, but I found the yarn to be harsh to the tough when working with it, so it wasn't terribly enjoyable to work with.

(Also: I hate weaving in ends, and there was a boatload of them. Not a little dinghy either, but a full-on cruise liner worth. Oh well, I guess I can forgive him!)

On the day I found this lot of yarn, they kindly let me out the back to drool over what they hadn't had time to bag up. (Aren't they wonderful!) They also have lots of lovely second-hand knitting needles and row counters and stitch holders, oh my! *Swoons*

His littermates will be following as I complete them. I wasn't terribly pleased with how his snout and tail turned out, so I'm going to be modifying the patterns with the next three to see if I can't achieve a nicer (to me!) result. It will be interesting to see how they come out.

Just don't say the word 'Bacon' around them, it makes them nervous. . .



  1. That little piggy is just the cutest! Well done, he looks great!

  2. OH MY GOD.

    So cute!!!!

    I love little piggies.

    (I love Doctor Who. If I could knit, I would already have a wardrobe of Tardis-themed wear.)

    I wish I was handy with a set of needles, but alas, knitting is just not in the stars for me. I am terrible at it, haha.

    Gogogo make more cute little animals!