Saturday, 10 September 2011


Well, well. The first post.

Whatever do I put here?

Maybe I should tell you why on earth there is yet ANOTHER crafting blog crowding the Internet? That would be a good idea.

Today at work I noticed a familiar look on a coworker's face as I prepared to launch into (another) paean of praise regarding some yarn I acquired recently. Her eyes began to glaze with boredom, and there was a little smirk at my 'Nana-Hobby' lurking at the corner of her mouth.

It was then that I 'clicked'.

WHY was I telling this person, this utterly UnCrafty little girl, tales that she simply couldn't understand, that she couldn't even begin to appreciate?

Why not spin my yarns (To pun metaphorically) to those who will?

To those who, I hope, will nod with agreement, shake their heads in shared disgust, laugh with me at my mistakes, and maybe even share some tips?

(Coz I love tips, you're NEVER too old or too slow to learn something new!)

So here I am, World. Warts and all. I do not pretend that I will be cheerful all the time, or that I will not take random absences, that I will not squeal with totally inappropriate levels of pitch at the randomest of things. I will not promise that I won't talk about Minecraft, my cat and anything else under the sun. Because I will talk about these things as well.

Life begets craft; and craft begets life.

And with that pretence at wisdom, I shall bid you goodnight.


1 comment:

  1. I am so happy you're here! I have missed you so much! I always love reading what you write and seeing what you've made and this blog will be no different!

    I also pleased to have someone who shares my nana-hobby, as you put it! Let's gossip yarn, girl!

    All my love, as always. :)