Sunday, 23 March 2014

Tempestuous Yarn

There is a quintessentially American treat that doesn't make it's way down here, most likely for the same reason McVitties have problems exporting Jaffa Cakes with any regularity.

From what I've heard, they're just too damn tasty to last long enough to make it out of the country.

The treat in question: Girl Scout cookies.

In New Zealand we have Girl Guide biscuits, but they aren't quite the same. While they're also incredibly tasty and can be used in a bunch of different recipes, they don't have quite the same range of flavours.

Thin Mints, you say? I gotta try me some of these!

So: I'm putting together a bunch of bribes to see if I can convince a certain someone to send me Girl Scout cookies.

Because bribery and corruption is how friendships work ^.-

The Certain Someone is also a knitter, so I figured handspun yarn would be a good place to start. The fibre used was a lovely bag of pre-dyed merino sliver acquired at the Milton Wool Mill's factory shop.

The colours didn't show up very well there >.< It's a foresty green and golden yellow with a touch of white.

Here is is mid-spin:

The full bobbin against an imperial-style ruler for an idea of the thickness of the single:

All plied and setting the twist! (Please ignore the hoops)

Finished and ready to be used as bribe material!

Time to move on to the next part of the bribery materials. If Girl Scout bikkies are anywhere near as good as they've been made out to be, it's gonna take more than this to get me some!



  1. *happydanceseizure*
    *trying not to literally SQUEE at work in front of 5 coworkers*

    1. Omgomgomg did you squee??

      TELL MEEEE!!!