Sunday, 16 February 2014


Yeah, shrugs.

Also known as "adventures in knitting sleeves for those too lazy to make the rest of the jersey"


Hey, the pattern was lying on the top of the $1 pattern box at Knitworld when I was between projects.

Impulse shopping is so very, very evil. . .

I got the pattern and ended up making two shrugs.

The first one is ALL MINE MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA *ahem* the large size made with King Cole's Mirage.

I'm already regretting the choice of yarn a bit. While it looks utterly lovely all knitted up the halo is kinda scratchy and it pills like an absolute beast.


Knitting with Mirage can be a bit of a pain as well. It is basically a DK-thick single, meaning you have to manage the twist as you knit. Because of the way I knit mine tended to wind itself into an overspun state so every now and then I'd have to stop knitting and un-twist my yarn so it was puffy and relaxed again.

Even knowing all that it looks so good I'd probably use it again if I found the right project.

Shrug Number Two was made with Patons Rainbow 8ply (Colour #249). This yarn comes in truly ginormous balls so the small size shrug only needed one of them, opposed to the 1 2/3rds for the large in Mirage.

The final result came out a lot better than the Mirage, all thick and soft and squishy. If the arms were longer I would definitely keep it.

This one is going up to England to keep my Sister-From-Another-Mister warm in the chilly winter wind, so I'm going to have to wait to see if it really is as snuggly-soft as I think it is.

The almost even colour-banding on this was a complete accident. I'm still not sure how that happened o.O

I hope you are well and not dying of overheating or turning into a giant iceblock.


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