Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Tasty Trainwreck

I've broken a 20-year Cake baking drought with an utter monstrosity.

My partner wanted a chocolate cake for his birthday, so I obliged.

I may or may not have needed to make an emergency supermarket trip after discovering that we were missing about 40% of the ingredients. . .

Please note that I have no idea how to do that "pretty" icing thing. I just grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer and started slopping it on there.

Then when I was tidying up the mess I made, I saw that we had sprinkles.

In the words of The Doctor:

Um. . . yeah.

By the time I was done both the cake and the kitchen looked like a complete disaster area.

A disaster area as delicious as it is ugly.




  1. Looks good tho :-) Will you have enough for me to have a piece tomorrow?? HUh huh will ya?

    1. Eheheh, it didn't last long enough ^.^;

      You know what that means, right?


  2. Your cake decorating skills are about on par with mine xD but screw that if it tastes good! Peanut butter wins everything. I should send you a pic of one of the cakes my bro does, he's so good it's downright offensive.

    P.S. Blogger, I can read your wonky numbers. That doesn't prove I'm not a robot.

    1. OMG YES PLEASE CAKE PORN!! It's probably good I'll never see them IRL, as if they're too pretty I don't want to eat them D:

      Woah, you can pass the Turing test?! I still flunk it XD